The Kristin Hardin Mentorship Program
Transform Your Horse.  Transform Yourself.  Have the Most Fun You Ever Had. 

What's Included?
The Kristin Hardin Mentorship Video Library
Packed with trainings on Mindset, training techniques at home, how Kristin bought her Grand Prix Horses, Horse Show Wisdom, breeding, tips for young professionals, and much much more...($3000 Value)
Access to Phone Calls with Kristin
While you are encouraged to share your journey with your horse with the community, we understand that sometimes there are things you want to talk 1:1 about. For those things you just call your mentor Kristin Hardin. 
Access To The Private Facebook Group
Gain access to the Kristin Hardin Mentorship Program private Facebook group. So that you can upload videos, ask questions, and get timely responses from an engaged group of supportive riders! 
Course Walks When You're at the Same Show
This is just icing on the cake- if you can get the opportunity to be at the same show as Kristin- she will help you walk the course 
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