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The Kristin Hardin Mentorship Program At A Glance


For the Serious Rider who is looking to get better.  Level from Intermediate to Advanced. 


Empowered Success - getting the most out of your relationship with your horse

Course Length

on-going- pay per month

Course Format

Video library, guides, worksheets, group mastermind, phone calls- in person course walks if geography allows
What is it?
The Kristin Hardin Mentorship Program is a hybrid online program that allows video sharing, two-way communication, so that riders get timely feedback on their horses and challenges directly from Kristin Hardin.   
Who's it for?
This program is for a rider who is looking for an affordable option to get solutions from one of the sport's top horsewomen with their riding program.
Where does it happen?
The Kristin Hardin Mentorship programconsists of online video trainings, worksheets, phone calls, and a private Facebook Group Community.  Kristin will also provide course walks if mentees are at the same show.
How does it work?
You watch the training videos- and submit videos and questions of what you are working on with your program.  You get timely feedback and custom trainings on your program- and you learn how to make the adjustments on your own.  Video evidence is often the most powerful- because videos don't lie.  
When does it start?
You start the moment you enroll. Go as fast or slow as you would like. 7 day free trial- and quit whenever you want. However we are looking for riders who are willing to think long-term. 
Why does it exist?
Kristin Hardin Mentorship Program was created for many reasons- one being that riders from all over the country want to work with Kristin.  2- Every serious athlete has a comprehensive video analysis component to their training program.  3- Kristin feels that as a country we need to be empowering more riders to become independent
The Kristin Hardin Mentorship Program Course Content
Learn how to transform your relationship with your horse, double your confidence, and more...
Here's a summary of everything you get...
This is not your typical horsey video library. This is an engaged interactive community. 
The Kristin Hardin Mentorship Video Library

Packed with trainings on Mindset, training techniques at home, how Kristin bought her Grand Prix Horses, Horse Show Wisdom, breeding, tips for young professionals, and much much more...($3000 Value)
Access To The Kristin Hardin Mentorship Program Private Facebook Group
So that you can upload videos, ask questions, and get timely responses from an engaged group of supportive riders! ($1997 Value)
Access to Phone Calls with Kristin
While you are encouraged to share your journey with your horse with the community, we understand that sometimes there are things you want to talk 1:1 about.  For those things you just call your mentor Kristin Hardin.  ($2997 Value)
Course walks when you are both at the same show
This is just icing on the cake- if you can get the opportunity to be at the same show as Kristin- she will help you walk the course ($997 Value)
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